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17. June 2019.

Mainflux On KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Open Source Summit In Shanghai

Drasko Draskovic and Janko Isidorovic will present Mainflux and EdgeXFoundry IoT platforms at Open Source Summit In Shanghai that will be held on June 24–26. Minflux team will present the architecture of an end-to-end open-source source solution for IoT edge-fog-cloud continuum.

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15. June 2019.

Mainflux in MATCH Startup Program with Swedish Companies

On behalf of Mainflux, Sasa Klopanovic company CMO was participating in MATCH Startup Program organized by the Swedish embassy in Budapest and Global Startup Awards organization.
Mainflux was among nine selected companies of total fifty that applied for the Matching program with Ericsson, AQ Anton, Sigma Technologies and ABB.

21. May 2019.

Mainflux Participated At SmartCity SEE Conference Panel in Belgrade

Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux COO participated at the SmartCity SEE Conference panel: "Smart City Connectivity" together with representatives from Telecom Serbia, Huawei, and Deutsche Telecom.

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27. April 2019.

Mainflux Held a Workshop At IoT Fuse Event In Minneapolis

Mainflux team conducted a workshop at IoT Fuse event that took a place in Minneapolis on April 25th. Workshop topic was "Massive Scaling from the Edge Device to the Cloud with Mainflux Architecture " wich goal was to facilitate and guide the attendees to deploy a scalable system on edge devices (RPis), local machines (on-premise) and on the cloud.

04. April 2019.

Mainflux Co-Funder Janko Isidorovic Participated at Open Networking Summit Panel In San Jose

Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux Co-founder and COO participated at ONS Panel Discussion: Edge Computing League — LF Edge Umbrella, with professionals from ARM, Zededa and AT&T. Summit took place in San Jose from 3–5 April.

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03. April 2019.

Mainflux Held A Technical Session At The Redis Conference In San Francisco

Mainflux Co-Founder Janko Isidorović and Software developer Aleksandar Novakovic spoke at the Redis conference which took place in San Francisco from 2–3 April.

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